RMT Portal

A web-based application allows pharmaceutical companies the ability to trace all implementation requests from the point of identification to the point of delivery.

Tracking Pharmaceutical Labeling Changes

Our Request Management Tracking (RMT) Portal application enables pharmaceutical companies by tracking pharmaceutical labeling changes requests of each step from initiating requests for decisions, reporting and receiving immediate notifications relating to those requests. Robust, flexible and fully configurable according to standards and rules set by you- like every Intagras product- RMT Portal supports centralized global and country locations, and even process steps, no matter how many locations or steps are involved in your business and marketing. Full support for core datasheet and labeling requests is built-in. Best of all, as an on-premise application, we ensure that RMT Portal integrates seamlessly with your legacy systems, thereby limiting the risk of redundant data entry. Whether your pharmaceutical labeling changes department resides in-house or your organization outsources labeling, RMT Portal ensures your labeling is always accurate, error-free and compliant.
Labeling requests are tracked from first submission to completion, and can be merged or split, depending on the individual needs of each project. RMT Portal’s powerful tracking capabilities ensure that no request gets lost along the way, and that each is evaluated and completed properly and in the timeliest manner. Modifications are captured by date and user names, enforcing the rules and maintaining a clear audit trail. It also captures values before and after updates are made. Role-based alerts are one more component of its array of features.
RMT Portal is the right choice for pharmaceutical companies placing a high value on operational flexibility, effectiveness, quality, and efficiency. It is also well suited to those companies wanting to enhance request management and decision making beyond the traditional best practices environment. 
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