GDT Portal

A web-based software providing decision tracking, reporting, and data entry capabilities for pharmaceutical companies. GDT supports unlimited global, milestones, and users to manage the industry standard labeling implementation process.

Global Implementation

Global Decision Tracking (GDT) Portal is a web-based application that provides global pharmaceutical corporations with complete transparency into their labeling implementation process., GDT Portal provides decisions notifications and alerts, as well as reporting and data entry, to companies working under compliance requirements for global labeling. With the power to support unlimited country and regional locations, milestones and end-users, GDT Portal is the premier choice for tracking your global pharma decision-making.
GDT Portal is designed and developed in accordance with Microsoft’s .NET standards. Developed with a repository of information at its core, GDT Portal enables global tracking of label modifications based on global labeling decisions made anywhere in the world. Decisions made at headquarters are tracked downstream from core datasheet updates down to local labeling release. This means that countries marketing associated products receive immediate notification any time an update is made that related to the associated products they market. 
Conversely, the global labeling team receives alerts whenever affiliates reach or miss key milestones associated to updates. With GDT Portal, the duration between decision milestones is defined by the priority, scope, and origin associated with that decision. Priorities can be defined as one-to-many with daily durations of any length. The GDT Portal dashboard provides a snapshot of each decision's current status. Users are informed in near real-time of any decision's change in status prior to global implementation. Over-due decision-related items receive the attention they require. The dashboard also provides links for managing each decision. GDT Portal also provides multiple pre-configured reports detailing key indicators such as decision status, country progress, product status, and delayed decisions. Additionally, all modifications are captured by user name and date. Additionally, GDT Portal captures content values before and after any updates, providing the basis for the application’s audit trail functionality.
The decisions your company makes are vital to your success. GDT Portal helps ensure that every decision is recorded and its outcome is tracked, increasing decision awareness across the organization. In the end, better decisions are the result. 
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