End-to-End Tracking

Global Labeling End-to-End tracking for pharmaceutical companies.


Implementation Tracking Software

We’ve Got Day 0 Covered

Pharmaceutical products have continually become more regulated. Intagras provides solutions that work for all regulated pharmaceutical companies. We worked together with our clients to design a solution for the Day 0 to Submission KPIs that were added in the recent update to EMA Module IX.  As a team we came up with a solution that not only complies with the regulatory guidelines, but also works for everyone’s internal processes.


PSMF Reporting The Way You Like It

There is no such thing as an out of the box PSMF report. That’s why we recreate your PSMF report in our software. The information you need in the format you already use.

The More Data The Better

Give us your registration data, country dependencies, artwork information, and any other relevant data points. We can integrate with any system to help you take control of your end-to-end process.
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