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Core Labeling

At Intagras, we believe that advanced and flexible compliance technology, intelligently applied, offers the best means of providing true value in pharmaceutical regulatory compliance software applications.  Our growing list of valued clients in life sciences, pharmaceuticals and other medical industries appreciate our dedication to ensuring that the solutions we provide work well, and accomplish pharma standards management. In the end, our goal is to help you solve real-world problems and concerns, while raising your profitability through increased effective and efficiencies in your core labeling and submissions processes. 
To that end, when we set out to develop the leading-edge applications our clients use daily, we...
Begin by making informed assumptions. 
Ensure our architecture is built for change.
Abandon legacy approaches.
Relational databases are at the heart of each of our applications. They provide a mechanism for storing the narrative text and other contextual elements of your pharma labeling and submissions, which can then be used to publish on demand. Recognizing the growing trend toward electronic submissions, we utilize the flexibility and power of Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Microsoft’s .NET framework. Together, these tools allow us to provide you with the assurance that your submissions-related documentation is accurate and error-free, and your core datasheets and product labels are completely harmonized. And every Intagras application comes complete with dynamic statistical dashboards detailing how many submissions an organization has created by: date, submission type, labeling type, and product. 
Discover more about our best-in-class labeling technology applications and how they can help your company achieve and maintain compliance with your regulatory agencies.