GDT Version 5.0 Is Now Available

GDT Version 5.0 Is Now Available

On May 2, 2015, Intagras released version 5.0 of GDT Portal. Many new features were added to this release. Below are three of the most awaited:


Deviation Request Management provides the ability for country regulatory authority departments to request, implement, and track any and all content modifications that may occur. This robust feature allows for global regulatory organizations to evaluate, approve, reject, and categorize deviation requests and provides robust reporting on global implementations.


Workload Management delivers robust industry specific functionality that allows both local regulatory authority and artwork groups the ability to merge or split content update tasks. These valuable features offer direct efficiency gains to multiple divisions of the pharmaceutical labeling organization.


Registration Level Tracking offers the ability for pharmaceutical labeling organizations to track labeling implementation at the market registration level. This feature provides tracking at a lower level and therefore offers a more granular level of detail.


For more information about the new features or a complete list of all new features, please contact us at

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