Our History

Founded in 2005

By Alex Agurto and Craig Trautman, then joined in 2006 by Geoff LeCain, Intagras began as a software development consulting company in Tampa Bay offering leading edge technologies and tools within the general business community.

In October 2005, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enacted regulations that required pharmaceutical companies to submit product package inserts in XML format. Intagras was born out of the desire to meet what the founders saw as an emerging need for pharmaceutical companies and they developed a configurable approach to rapidly generating and validating pharma package inserts in XML format. This allowed the company’s pharmaceutical clientele, which include Fortune 100 companies such as Merck and Novartis, to remain compliant with FDA regulations while maintaining their own individual standard operation procedures and existing business processes. In 2006, Intagras expanded its service offering to encompass software consulting. Since then, Intagras has continued providing value add, comprehensive software solutions for Novartis, MediRegs, Florida Crystals, Impact and many other local, national and international private sector and government clients.

The firm’s financial success in the pharmaceutical industry convinced the owners to concentrate completely on delivering pharma software solutions and services to the pharmaceutical regulatory labeling industry. In 2010, Intagras refocused its efforts solely on serving the pharmaceutical market by delivering software and services focused on the regulatory affairs compliance process. As part of this decision, Intagras ceased offering custom software consulting services for non-pharmaceutical companies.

These decisions led to the formation of the Intagras mission:

At Intagras, our mission involves providing our clients with superlative services and innovative solutions. Intagras develops, publishes, maintains, supports, and markets regulatory labeling software for the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, we provide services to support XML labeling initiatives on an outsourcing basis.

In keeping with its mission, every Intagras application represents an enterprise-level, web-based structured authoring tools built on the Microsoft .Net framework and utilizing SQL Server database architecture. That world-class technology is complemented by an equally sharp concentration on, and commitment to, service and support that helps ensure client success in the area of regulatory labeling. It is a combination that has helped position Intagras as a leader within its industry.

Currently, Intagras offers the global pharma marketplace five products: SPL Portal (for U.S, companies), GDT Portal, ESM Portal, RMT Portal and SCA Portal.

The company maintains its leadership position by adhering to three key concepts that drive its success: industry specific software; intuitive products, and customer satisfaction. To find out how our SPL-related applications can benefit your company, call (813) 226-1863.